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Budget Bins Canberra provides the most efficient and cost effective skip bin hire service in the entire city and surrounding areas. Please check our price list for your guidance.

Bin Size Cost 3 Days Cost 7 Days Bin sizes ... Tip Fee Allowance
2.5m3 $205.00 $225.00 Holds around 2 trailer loads of waste. $45 or 300kgs
3m3 $235.00 $255.00 Holds between 3-4 trailer loads of waste. $65 or 450kgs
4.5m3 $295.00 $325.00 Holds between 5-6 trailer loads of waste. $93 or 600kgs
6m3 $400.00 $430.00 Holds around 8 trailer loads of waste. $135 or 900kgs
9m3 $510.00 $560.00 Holds around 10 trailer loads of waste. $160 or 1000kgs
10m3 $565.00 $610.00 Hold around 11 trailer loads of waste. $200 or 1250kgs

$20.00 per day or $100 per week for extended hire.

The above prices are for light weight domestic skips only i.e. no dirt, brick, concrete products, tyres, asbestos, kitchen waste (Food). No mattresses. There is a charge of $70.00 per mattress and per base. Or you could call Soft Landing on 62601046.