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Waste type specification

Specification of your waste type is very important as there are certain types which must not be placed in a skip bin. Also, depending on the type of waste, the price of the skip bin hire service in Canberra will be determined. It is essential that you properly identify your waste type as you can end up paying additional charges by placing any other waste in a hired bin.

Please find below a guide what is allowed for each type of skip bin hire.


Items which are allowed to be put in a general waste skip bin include household waste, such as: clothes, toys, kitchenware, furniture and appliances, then office rubbish as well as builders waste considered as light, such as: carpets or timber. Items such as: food waste, concrete, bricks, tiles or rock as well as any other type of waste not stated as allowed MUST NOT be placed in the skip.


Items allowed for a green skip bin hire include light green waste, e.g. shrubs, grass, weeds, leaves, then tree trimmings, branches, tree trunks, etc. Bricks, rocks, tiles, large amount of soil as well as any other type of waste not stated as allowed MUST NOT be placed with the green type of waste.


Items allowed for a construction skip bin include: bricks, rocks, soil, carpet, plastic, steel, metal off cuts, concrete, tiles, demolition waste and similar. Items which you MUST NOT put in a construction waste bin are: food waste, tree trunks and any other type of waste not stated as allowed.

Please note that all hazardous waste, including: asbestos, wet paints, gas bottles, liquids, oil, insulation or any other dangerous material is strictly prohibited. All restrictions apply due to Council Tip regulations in Canberra.

Avoid paying additional charges and select the correct type of waste! And, if you are not sure which type of waste your waste belongs, please feel free to call our friendly team members at Budget Bins in Canberra who will be more than happy to provide you with all the required information.